As our industry keeps evolving, The Digital Marketing Awards will, too. The 2016 Awards Series reflects ongoing innovation within the dynamic channel market. We will be recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the very best in Belgian digital media. Participation carries several important distinctions:

  • Industry recognition:
    Showcased alongside your peers as an innovator and performer 
  • Valuable marketing advantage:
    Evidence that you’ve been judged as one of the best within the industry
  • Celebrate your achievements:
    Being nominated positively affects the people involved 
  • Support innovation within the industry:
    Showcases best practices, innovation and performance 
  • Cement your relationships:
    Enter on behalf of or alongside a client or partner

  • Benchmark your achievements:
    Understand what you want to achieve, and make it happen! 
  • Increase the power of your sales pitch:
    Awards validate your selling points
  • It's totally free!
    There are no costs involved in submitting your case!


The Digital Marketing Awards nominees and winners will be selected by a panel of judges. Evaluated against a number of criteria, the work undergoes a rigorous process to win the coveted Digital Marketing Awards.


Members of Digital Marketing Award Jury inspect all entries submitted during the open call for submissions. . Every entry is evaluated by all members of the jury. Top entries are then placed on category-specific shortlists for the second round. All selected cases of ‘VERTICAL AWARDS ’, and all award winners will be announced on Bloovi.

Members of the jury are known experts, specialists and thought-leaders in their fields. The Awards committee maintains a strict and professional conflict-of-interest and recusal policy that is rigorously enforced.


Members of the jury with category-specific expertise further evaluate the shortlisted entries in their professional fields, and help make the final decisions for the winners.. Any ties are broken by the Chair of the category, and the awards enforces a strict conflict-of-interest policy.



The Digital Marketing Awards acknowledges marketing and communication achievements that set an inspirational example for other professionals to follow. Focusing on one or more areas of expertise coming together,  nine awards will be given in the Channel category to the best-performing campaigns and accomplishments.


The Digital Marketing Awards assess how different campaigns have performed against each other throughout the industry. In judging the winners, our jury will take account of the full performance over the campaign life of each entrant.


The Digital Marketing Awards recognizes and rewards outstanding teams, personalities, agencies, tools and the best-performing digital marketing campaign of the year. These awards focus on the results and the performance of one or more campaigns of the same agency, team or individuals.


Our panel of judges will be looking for companies that have a solid strategy, and a firm and implemented understanding of today’s business and marketing challenges in contemporary media. Criteria like the usage of research, creativity, choice of media vehicles, both on-and-offline, and the prominence of the role of digital distribution will be taken into account.


Judges will evaluate a team’s creative approach in relation to its strategy, well-implemented technologies, design, copywriting and overall campaign actions.

Media Usage

Projects will be assessed by which interactive media they have used, how they fit into the strategy, and how this affected the campaign results. What percentage of the campaign budget was devoted to media efforts? And did it produce an outsize ROI?

Results & ROI

Did the campaign achieve its stated objectives and goals? What was the main objective of the campaign? What actions did it take and how did they affect the results? Please mention relevant KPIs, and their related index.